Eyebrows on Fleek July 25 2020, 0 Comments

Eyebrows on Fleek

Everything You Need To Know About the Eyebrow Styles That Are Hot Right Now 

Eyebrows are the frame of the face, and they can either make it or break it. Eyes and eyebrows are probably the first things you notice on someone's face, and it is the first thing people see on your face as well. That is an excellent reason to give them so extra love effort and attention in order to make them suit our face in the best way possible. 


Over the decades, eyebrows have been a 'victim' of forever changing trends, and some of them have left some consequences (let's take a minute of silence for those who have over-plucked their eyebrows, and now we have nothing to work with). Trends are forever changing, and we have made a list of the hottest eyebrows trends at the moment. Keep reading to find out more about eyebrow styles that are hot right now and how to achieve them. 


Laminated Eyebrows

If you are an avid fan of award season or just like following makeup artists on Instagram, you have probably noticed that laminated eyebrows are the new trend in the makeup world. A lot of models and celebrities are starting to sport full, almost "shiny" brows that appear to grow upwards. 

According to makeup experts and estheticians, this eyebrow look originates from a beauty treatment called brow lamination. Eyebrow Lamination is a procedure used to re-direct the growth of your eyebrow hair. Eyebrow Lamination is a permanent solution that you can get done at your esthetician's office (and we have seen some DIY projects as well). But if you are after a temporary and low-commitment solution, a strong brow gel can give you a similar effect. The next item on our list can help you achieve that look as well. 

Soap Brows

Don't be confused (or repulsed) by the name of this eyebrow trend, because it doesn't refer to the shape but to the technique used to get the shape. The soap brows are typically brushed up and lusciously fluffy in appearance. Using soap to get your eyebrow hairs to stick in place is a time-tested method that has been around for centuries, and it is experiencing a comeback. Soap brows are achieved using soap in place of eyebrow gel. Soap is much cheaper, and it can hold eyebrow hairs in place much longer than any type of eyebrow gel. To achieve the 'soap brow' eyebrow look, you have to wet your clean, disposable spoolie brush and lightly drag it across the soap. Then, brush the spoolie through your eyebrows using the upward motion; this is going to make your eyebrow hair stick up, making your eyebrows look fuller and bushier.

Shadow Effect

The shadow effect eyebrow trend is going to allow your natural brow texture to take the spotlight. This eyebrow trend is effortless in both application and appearance, and it is all about soft definition and 3D texture. To achieve this look, you should use a light hand to buff a base layer of brow powder through your brows. While you are doing this, make sure you are following the natural curves and contours of your eyebrows. Finish the look with a coat of brow gel, which is going to add some dimension and fullness.


'The Chalamet'

Timothy Chalamet is the craze of this year and everyone's celebrity crush, and his eyebrows have become a popular trend as well. 

Chalamet brows are all about embracing our inner (almost) monobrow and keeping the look casual, effortless, and elegant. The Chalamet brows are a little closer together than usual eyebrows, which is a very easy look to achieve. All you have to do is ask your brow expert to keep a little bit extra hair brows on each side and tweeze in between your brows for a softer finish. If your eyebrows are not close naturally, you can also fake it with a few hair-like flicks done with your eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder (just make sure you are using a thin brush to apply it).