History of eyebrow fashion March 11 2018, 0 Comments

From microblading through eyebrow transplants to companies offering over 150 eyebrow products to the everyday woman, eyebrows have turned into the beauty story of our decade. Of course, this is far from the only time eyebrows have received such attention – below is a retrospective look at some of the most popular shapes and eyebrow trends over the past hundred years.

The 1920s saw the birth of the uber thin brows, coupled with downward curves for an extra dramatic look. Stars like Clara Bow would shave theirs off completely and re-draw them with paint, a trend that inspired thousands of women around the world.

The next decade, however, ditched this look in favour of the more rounded, natural brows with an upward bend. As commercial make-up became more available, the eyebrow pencil turned into a must-have with women darkening their brows to emphasize the curve.

During the 1940s, wearing make-up was seen as women’s duty to remain feminine, and eyebrows became darker, thicker and drawn in more dramatic shapes. In the decade to follow, Marilyn Monroe’s short, full and heavily arched brows signaled a return to normalcy. Most women opted for wide-set brows, one to two shades lighter than their hair.

The natural look was short-lived and the 1960s saw the return of the long, thin and rounded eyebrows. Brow bleaching became mainstream which coupled with the uber thin eyebrow shape, gave the face a somewhat alien vibe.

The Disco Fever of the 1970s and stars like Donna Summer brought upon the iconic look of wide set, long, flat eyebrows coupled with downward squared-off nubs in the centre, a look that many women still opt in for today. Fortunately, the 1980s saw the return of the ‘power brows’ – furry, untamed and bold.

The 1990s reversed the cycle with trends like overplucking and overwaxing giving way to the skinny, pencil-thin eyebrows most of us would still remember having. Angelina Jolie is considered the trend-setter for the past decade, with her short and angled eyebrows dictating the hottest eyebrow trend of 2006.