Should your hair extensions match your own hair texture? June 29 2016, 0 Comments

There is a body of opinion that suggests people with afro hair should wear extensions close in texture and colour to their own hair. Extensions that look 'natural' and believable.

Here at PrettyLoxx, we understand that matters of hair texture have political, historical and for some, even spiritual connections. Some of our customers face a moral dilemma between choosing silky European textures rather than curlier and darker coloured hair. Some women fear that wearing long and/or brown or blonde hair may lead them to being viewed as vacuous and vain.

We ask readers of this blog to comment on whether or not, choice of texture of colour of hair extensions can be said to reflect a person's political standpoint or pride in their natural attributes and that of their race?

Implied in this controversy is that fundamental changes to features which relate to a race, suggest that a person is aligning themselves with another race or wants to distance themselves from their own race. Many celebrities have benefited from plastic surgery, make up or hair extensions which change their features in a way that could be said to be a trademark of someone from another ethnic background. Is it plausible to believe that even a significant proportion of these mostly women, are unhappy with their race or background. If it is true that Kim Kardashian has had surgery to create a rear that is commonly referred to as 'black', even if true, does it automatically follow that she wants to be black?

Our view is that there are numerous factors influencing choice of someone's hair texture and colour, some practical and others purely aesthetic. In the modern world, people have the ability to change and replace elements of their physical attributes which for whatever reason don't measure up. In this context, hair seems to be a trifling issue.

Please leave your comments below, some of which we will consider in a subsequent post.