Knot bleaching

Knot bleaching is the process used to obscure the knots that are used to attach hair to lace. The darker the knots, the more visible they are. Below is a photo of a wig with the knots unbleached. You will see small black dots which are the tiny knots. They are most visible upon close inspection and in natural light.

Knots can be bleached after the wig is made or by the customer at home. The process involves applying hair bleach to the underside of the wig so that the knots are bleached without also bleaching the roots of the hair. A video of a DIY knot bleaching is below. 



- more natural parting



- dries the hair/knots making them more brittle and the hair prone to shedding 

- may damage the lace

- hair may inadvertently be bleached 



Instead of bleaching, hair/knots can be plucked along the parting to create a clean line.


In addition, make up can be used to hide the knots. 



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