Lace Unit FAQS

The unit
How much do the units cost?
Pretty Loxx is at present the most inexpensive supplier of lace units in London and possibly in the UK. Our prices start at £155 for an 8" unit and rise by £10 for each additional two inches.
What type of hair is used in the units?
All of our units are made using Remy or virgin hair. The hair is supplied in any texture, colour or length required.
Can the hair be dyed?
Yes the hair can be dyed. For best results virgin hair which has not already been dyed should be ordered.
What material are the units made from?
The units are usually made of lace unless another type of material is requested. Swiss lace is thinner more delicate and harder to detect whereas french lace is thicker and easier to detect. French lace is more durable and may be a better option for a first unit until the wearer knows how to look after a lace unit. Alternatively, the unit can be made with a combination of swiss lace and french lace in the places which are most vulnerable to tearing. Our units are usually made entirely from lace rather then just lace at the front, this to provide full versatility.
Must my head be measured?
In order to achieve the best fit, your head should be measured. If you wish to purchase a stock unit, the measurements of the unit can be provided so you can compare them to your head measurements. If you do not wish to measure your head you can purchase a unit using our standard sizing from 1-4. Size 1 is the smallest size 2 and 3 are medium and size 4 is large. Very few people require size 1 or 4.
How is the unit attached to my head?
Elasticated units are available which can be pulled on and off the head. Generally the type of unit sold by Pretty Loxx is designed to be attached using adhesive. The maximum period for which the unit can be worn is determined by the strength of the glue. The glues available last from between two days to six weeks. The units are not designed to be attached to the head using thread as this may damage the lace but we are aware that many of our customers do attach their unit in this manner.
I want to weave my unit to my head instead of using glue
It is more complicated and time consuming to fit a unit this way. To do so may damage your unit because the units are not designed to be sewn on. Despite this, depending on the type of hairstyle, carefully weaving your unit to your head may be a viable alternative to using adhesive. If you want to sew on your unit please chose a unit made of French lace which is much less likely to tear.   
Can I fit my own unit?
The fitting of a unit is not difficult but like most things gets easier with experience. A wearer can competently fit his/her own unit. Fitting guides are provided free. Using liquid adhesive is easier than using tape. 
What happens to my hair when I am wearing a unit?
Your own hair can be cornrowed, pinned down or integrated with the unit. If the wearer's natural hair will integrated with the unit, the ventilation/integration must be done by someone standing over the wearer and who can see the tiny holes in the lace. The wearer's hair is then pulled through some of these holes strand by strand using a thin needle. This is a skilled operation which should be done by an experienced hairdresser.     
How can I remove my unit?
  1. Take the solvent remover (works best when in a spray bottle), put along the edge of the unit. Gently massage hairline until glue is moistened.
  2. Begin slowly and gently lifting the unit with your fingers. If there is an area of the unit that is not lifting, it means you will need to apply a little more solvent. Repeat these steps all the way around the circumference of the unit until completely removed.
Once the unit is removed, use the solvent and a soft towel to gently remove any residue left on the unit and hairline.


Turnaround time
How long will it take for me to receive my custom, hand made unit?
Because the quality of our units is not compromised the units are made carefully and will take up to eight weeks to arrive. In the meanwhile, if similar units which have been ordered for stock become available, the customer will be contacted and given the opportunity to take the stock unit instead of waiting for the custom made unit.
How should be unit be washed and maintained?
Like your own hair, the hair which is attached to your unit requires care. Hair should be washed when necessary and conditioned. In addition to conditioning, the use of serums is recommended for curly hair. Generally the curlier the texture the more moisture is needed.
Pretty Loxx recommends the use of products which are designed for lace units and wigs. Please contact us for further information.
Dry shampoos should be used sparingly since they may reduce the shine and strip the hair of moisture.
The following should be avoided:
  • excessive washing
  • harsh shampoos/chemicals
  • excessive use of hot styling appliances
  • use of small combs and brushes
How should my unit be washed?
Option 1. Run Luke warm water in a sink in your bathroom; add a little shampoo as the water is running. Fill to about half full. Place Lace Front Wig or Full Front Lace wig into water submerging it completely. Hold the unit by the Front Lace rim and dip the unit in and out. You can do this about four or five times to be sure to remove all dirt and residue from styling products. Rinse with lukewarm water and gently squeeze excess water out. Apply a deep conditioner (protein) is the most effective. Let hair dry naturally or set on a towel under a dome dryer set on warm until dry.
Option 2. Use a shower head to wash the unit whist holding it with your free hand. Ensure the water runs in the same direction of the hair. The shower head can be held inside the unit so the water flows through the lace into the hair removing particles from the unit as well as the hair.
Whilst washing, hair should not be rubbed or massaged. This will encourage tangling and matting. Lukewarm water should be used for washing.
Can I wash my unit whilst I am wearing it?
Yes. You may wash your unit while wearing it. You must be very gentle while doing so. Focus on getting the hair strands clean, do not massage as you would your normal hair. Once finished, gently towel dry and blow-dry on low or just let it air dry by itself. You may then apply a conditioner and rinse or allow to dry as applicable.
What happens if the lace is damaged?
If the damage is minimal, you can have your unit repaired. The cost will depend on the amount of damage. If the damage is extensive the lace may be beyond economical repair.
What happens if over time my unit looses hair?
A unit which is treated carefully will minimise shedding. The use of knot sealer is recommended before you wear your unit for the first time and after each time the unit is washed to minimise shedding. When you purchase your unit you can have the knots sealed for a cost of £5. Hair that has been shed can be replaced or the density of your unit can be increased for reasons of preference. The cost will depend on the amount of extra density required.
When using knot sealer please follow the instructions carefully. Misuse of the product could cause damage to the unit. Knot sealer is an effective product and should be used sparingly.
How long will my unit last?
How long your unit will last will depend on how well it is preserved. Handling it carefully and complying with the advice contained in FAQs will prolong the life of your unit. For hair with a longer life purchase units made using virgin Remy hair which is healthier better quality hair. 
I am not sure that I am ready to wear a full unit, are there any alternatives?
Pretty Loxx also sell front lace units which only have lace to the front of the unit and machine wefted hair to the rest. This enables the unit to have more volume (because more hair is added by machine than by hand,) and makes the unit more durable and less likely to shed hair than a full lace unit whilst exhibiting a realistic hairline and front parting.
Other products available include lace frontals and mini lace units in various sizes. These products are made in the same way as full units but vary in size and shape. They are designed to be used in conjunction with weave-on to create a natural hairline and/or parting.


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