Lace Wigs

A (full) lace wig is a wig that is made using a base material of lace. Individual strands of hair are added to the wig. You can view the process in the video below.

A full lace cap is made entirely of lace allowing the hair to be parted anywhere and the hair combed in any direction.

Lace can be supplied in a variety of colours, see here.


-hair can be parted anywhere lace is breathable and light to wear

- there are different types of lace more or less detectable and durable can be installed with or without adhesive

-should be ordered to a custom size matching the customer's head


- can be prone to shedding

- more expensive than lace front wigs lace is not invisible, the small holes in lace are detectable close up and especially in naturally light

- should be ordered to a custom size matching the customer's head

- requires a professional installation or a moderate degree of DIY ability to achieve the most realistic look


A lace front wig has a section of lace at the crown or along the entire front hairline. The rest of the wig is comprised of wefted hair (hair attached to a weft such as used for weaving) which is sewn to the wig. The wig cannot be parted where the hair is wefted as the wefts would be visible. Therefore this cap type is most suited to wearing the hair loose or in low ponytails.



- additional wefts can be added to the cap before or after fitting to add volume

- wefts supplied attached to the wig and any additional wefts added can be sealed to reduce shedding

- easier to fit than full-lace wigs

- can be installed without adhesive

- usually have adjustable sized caps less expensive than full lace wigs


- hair can only be parted at the front

- wefts are bulkier than hair tied to the base so hair will not lie as flat as with a full lace wig


Non standard constructions e.g open partings

An example of a wig with an open parting is an U part wig.

The cap is designed with a gap allowing the wearer to leave out some of their hair to blend with the wig. PrettyLoxx can make your wig with a part/gap in the position and size of your choosing.

A variation of a lace wig is one with a silk top for more information on silk tops click here.



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