Credit/Payment Plans/Layaway etc

PayPal Credit:

Simply spend over £150 and you get 0% interest for 4 months on that purchase. The great thing is you’ll automatically get 0% for 4 months every time you spend over £150. PayPal Credit is the perfect way to spread the cost of those larger purchases.

It’s quick and easy to apply for PayPal Credit – all you need to do is complete a short application form and you will get a decision instantly. If approved and you accept, you’ll have a credit limit attached to your PayPal account to start using straightaway.


Payment Plans/Layaway:


There are two options, you can either pay in instalments for one item, just go to checkout and select Laybuy and make a partial payment, you can make further payments when is convenient until the item/s are paid for in full.

Monthly regular amounts
The second option is to make regular payments monthly and have an account allowing you to have a new wig for example every 3 months without having to make a lump sum payment. We design an individual plan based on how often you want a new item and the type of item/s you want. If at the end of the period you have not exhausted your balance, you can request a refund of the balance or carry it over. Discounts and promotional prices are applied to the items you choose as for other customers. Please contact us to choose a plan and payment amount.
How does the plan benefit me?
You will no longer have to pay for your hair in a lump sum spreading the cost so you do not notice it. In addition, we will promise you that you will receive a minimum quantity of a certain item e.g x3 wigs a year. Therefore, if prices go up during the year, you will not need to increase your payments and will save money. Essentially you are fixing the future price of your hair.
What happens if the item/s in my plan reduce in price during the plan?
Your account will be debited using the new lower price allowing you to purchase more or receive a refund or carry over at the end of the plan.
What if during the payment plan period, I want a product you do not stock? 
We will custom make the product for you provided is a product that can be made and is available from other hair companies.
What happens if the there is a credit balance the end of the payment plan period? You can request a refund of the balance or carry it over.
Do you charge interest or admin fees for this service?

We do not currently charge admin fees. Interest is not applied since the plan is not a credit facility. 


Payment Methods

We accept:


Money transfer e.g. Moneygram, Western Union

Card payment via Amazon



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