Malaysian virgin Refurbished Silk Top Lace Wig by Pretty Loxx Colour 1b 16" long 002


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100% Malaysian virgin hair. Hair added, cleaned and disinfected


100% Malaysian virgin hair. The hair has not been chemically treates (dyed, straightened etc). The hair its natural texture and colour which is darkest brown. Therefore, it can be dyes and chemically curled or straightened if required. 

Malaysian hair is light and silky. It is noticeable softer to the touch than many other types of hair. It curls well and can be straightened. It is versatile allowing the texture to be changed even daily. Curls set well using rollers or heat appliances. Depending on the donor, the hair tends to have a natural wave if left natural. Pictured is a unit after straightening. We sell hair of all origins and quality. Malaysian hair is one of our recommended hair types.


Product Features

·         heavy density with baby hair

·        small size full lace cap with light brown silk top

·         Malaysian Virgin Hair

·         colour 1b

·         approx 16" long


Why buy a refurbished unit?



Our refurbished units are washed and disinfected making the hair and base more sterile than when first made. 
Generally, the caps look as new except excess lace will have been trimmed and as a result baby hair may be lost. Where possible we add new baby hair. 


Common sense


All human hair extensions are second hand. There is no such thing as 'new' human hair.




There is a limited supply of human hair. Recycling hair products equals less waste and less demand formore hair.


Our recycled products cost on average less than half the price of a new unit. 




Because we add hair they are usually of a higher density than standard.


To try out a product 
Purchasing a used unit is an inexpensive way to try a full lace product. Also, refurbished units are 
better value for money for one-off events such as a photo shoot or party.



Customer comment regarding one of our refurbished units


' I have been wearing lace wigs for years and this is the best wig I have ever bought'.







No Glue Please Hair Extension Adhesive Tape 1/2"x3 Yard Tape Roll x1




Product Features

  • adhesive tape
  • firm hold
  • 1/2" x 3 Yard
  • waterproof
  • low shine with a clear matte finish


Product Description


No Glue Please tapes are popular among hair-wearers because they're known for being: 


· Low residue for less mess and easier cleanups 


· Low shine with a clear matte finish 


· Waterproof 


· Compatible with liquid adhesives for amazing holding power 


· Great for daily or extended wear Tech Specs Base Material Lace Hold Time 2 to 4 Weeks 


. Liner Color White-Liner 


. Number of Pieces 1 Roll Shape Roll







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