Pretty Loxx Indian Virgin Lace Frontal Body Wave all colours and lengths


Product Description

13x4" lace frontal. For integration with weave using glue or thread or for integration with natural hair to cover the hairline. FOR £5 EXTRA WE CAN SUPPLY ANY FRONTAL WITH STRAPS SO ADHESIVE AND GLUE ARE NOT REQUIRED SEE EBAY LISTING: 221144975894.
100% Indian virgin hair. Indian hair curls well and is prone to becoming noticeably wavy when wet. Some advocate that Indian hair is the best texture but here at Pretty Loxx we think the best hair depends on what you are looking for. If you are unsure, ask us for advice.

The hair has not been chemically treated (dyed, straightened etc) except to create the body wave. If lighter colours are ordered i.e. lighter than colour 2, the hair will need to be dyed. Why? Indian hair is usually dark in colour. However, even if dyed, the hair can still be chemically curled or straightened by the customer if required.   We sell hair of all origins and quality. Indian is the most popular hair type.
Product Features
  • Indian Virgin
  • colour 1-530
  • light brown, medium brown, dark brown, transparent lace
  • 13x4"
  • baby hair



  Weaving Thread or  Hair Extension Adhesive Tape 1/2"x3 Yard Tape Roll x1


  VIDEO REVIEW/DEMO (Indian remy)





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